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Chances are, if your home needed a repair, you would already have a construction contractor in mind. Or, if you’re concerned about catching the flu, you visit your general practitioner for a preventative shot.

And yet, the typical Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, driver doesn’t maintain a towing services provider in their list of contacts. Once they encounter trouble, however, they now have to try and find one without much cell service.

Instead, you can always count on Mount Pleasant Towing for any breakdown you might encounter. Whether you need the best towing technicians in town, or you need help starting your car again, we’ll be there fast.

We provide more forms of towing services and roadside assistance than anyone else. Call us for Charleston Towing as well!

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24 Hour Towing

When you’ve struck a tree, got into an accident, or other can’t get going again, you know that you need a tow truck. However, not everyone remains available, and some even stop working after evening hours begin.

We provide our best towing technicians 24-hours daily to ensure that someone is around to help you. From early morning to late at night, you won’t find a more dedicated team of towers than ours.

Dead Battery Jumps

You just bought your current car battery last summer, but now your engine won’t turn over. Unfortunately, even if you still have a set of jumper cables sitting in the back, you don’t always see a willing participant to help hook up.

Our team arrives with an automated charging device that gets your battery operational again soon. There are no risks of shorts, and you don’t need a second battery anymore.


Vehicle Lockouts

You’ve wasted the past 20 minutes trying to break into your expensive car with twigs, rusted out coat hangers, and anything else you can get your hands on. You nearly smash a window in your frustration, but you finally think better of it.

While you could call a vehicle locksmith, you know that they will charge a fortune. Instead, you can depend on us to open any lock with professional door unlocking tools.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, hauling your vehicle to a repair shop just doesn’t make sense. If you have a dead battery or had gotten locked out, there’s no need to take your car anywhere else.

We take your issues head-on with a broad range of roadside assistance services. When you need to know that you’re saving more on every call, you need our team to help you now with whatever vehicle issues you have.

Winch-Out Services

From steep, dark corners at night, slick roads during the rainy season, or patches of black ice during winter, losing control of a vehicle happens more often than you might think. Before it can get loaded onto our tow truck, however, it must get winched out first.

Our experienced technicians can pull you out of any ditch, soft shoulder, muddy path and more, all at lower pricing. Contact us for your best winch-outs.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

You drive your car as if it’s invincible, but it only took a pothole to bring it to a halt.

Not only can you not seem to back it out, but you always forgot that you still need to buy a spare wheel.

Even if you did have one in the trunk, it’s much too dangerous to change it out here. You can call us for repairs and replacement services.

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