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Towing in Mount Pleasant & Charleston, SC


Every day, you take repeated trips up and down Hwy 17, passing by all manner of scenarios. Broken down vehicles, first responders, tire blowouts and more seem to take place every few miles.

And while you’re thankful that you haven’t had to experience any of these roadside emergencies, you know that sooner or later you just might find yourself in their shoes. If you don’t know of any towing Mount Pleasant & Charleston, SC providers, you may not know who to turn to for help.

At Mount Pleasant Towing, we remain the fast and affordable solution for more scenarios where you see yourself stranded and stuck with a vehicle that can’t run. We continue acting as the towing service Mount Pleasant, SC drivers turn to first for any service call.

Whether you got into an accident, have a dead battery, winch-out options and more, we can assist you with it all. Why settle for the typical towing experience when we have a practical solution ready 24-hours of each day?

When you can’t find a service provider you can trust, our team is here for you. Contact us whenever you need help, and we’ll be there fast.

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Schedule A Service Now!

Mount Pleasant & Charleston Towing Services


You searched for a “tow truck near me” and saw dozens of results. However, each one that you choose is at least an hour away, and they may only have one driver working.

When you need a tow truck, Mount Pleasant, SC or Charleston, SC, often has to wait for someone on the other side of Charleston to arrive. With rush hour traffic, road closures, accidents, and other common obstacles, even a short trip could take forever for your technician.

Instead, we continue to act as the towing company Mount Pleasant SC drivers trust the most for any situation. They know that no matter when they hire us, or what the issue might be, we can always save them more on a quality service call.

Even if hauling your car isn’t the best solution, we’ll make sure that you receive the options you need the most. It might not be the one that earns us the most, but the one that works best for your vehicle.

There’s no need to continue settling for the same frustrating experiences that other companies create. Give your vehicle the care and respect that it deserves with experienced towing drivers and more repair solutions.

Our Towing Solutions

Sometimes, the best solution is not to load, haul, and drop off your car to a repair garage, but to handle onsite maintenance repairs. Instead, we provide a broad range of roadside assistance services that saves you time and helps you to avoid a costly mechanic bill.

Whether you locked your keys inside, have a dead battery, experienced a tire blowout or other situation, you can still rely on us to get you home sooner. No other service provider in town can compete with our quality of care or the number of affordable options that we offer.

24 Hour Towing

Rain or shine, day or night, we never stop helping drivers with their towing needs.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Whatever it takes to get you going, you can rely on us to deliver daily.

Winch-Out Services

Get winched out of ditches, mud, sand, and other soft spots when you get stuck.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Rubber tires easily burst and deflate, leaving you stranded unless you have a working spare.

Dead Battery Jumps

Your typical car batteries lose their charge quickly from heat, cold, and daily headlight use.

Vehicle Lock Outs

Our drivers have professional equipment items that pop any vehicle lock without damaging its body.

The Best Towing Company in Mount Pleasant & Charleston

Whether you’re taking the family out to eat at Rick’s, picking the kids up from school, or driving to work, you spend plenty of time out on the road. And every moment spent rolling over pavement increases your odds of something going wrong.

And while every driver will need to deal with mechanical issues, tire troubles, fender benders, and other situations, it isn’t always simple to find a towing truck operator that is available for you. You could spend hours waiting inside of a hot vehicle next to the 526, praying the other cars don’t hit yours.

When you get forced to pull over, you need someone capable of helping you as soon as possible. You don’t have the time to sit tight and hope that a company out of North Charleston, Charleston, or Wando will show up.

Instead, our local tow drivers arrive fast and provide the affordable solutions you need the most, offered 24-hours of every day. When you need to know that someone is always looking out for you while you’re driving, you can always contact us for help.

Whatever has happened to your vehicle, our towing team remains at the ready for you.

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The typical towing service provider stays hours away, and they’re always running late to the job that they are on now. It could take hours before you find any sign of them, and you still have items to complete up by the end of the workday.

Rather than adding more stress to your situation, you can bet that we’ll continue showing up sooner, and with more service options, than anyone else around. When your staff continues doing more for less all day, every day, it only makes you the best choice for more drivers throughout the city.

Contact Mount Pleasant Towing

Whatever has your car stuck and inoperable, our team remains the most convenient choice each time. We can haul or repair any number of makes and models of vehicles, helping you to get back onto the road quickly.

No matter when you reach out or what happened to you, we guarantee the highest quality of service possible and at lower pricing. It doesn’t take long to discover that we are the best service provider possible time and again.

Don’t waste time and money calling other towing companies. Choose Mount Pleasant Towing  for better towing solutions.